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From the Guadalinfo Center in Lentegí, the local innovation agent, Gaspar Parras Jiménez, works together with his team from the Guadalinfo Network of all Granada and Andalusia in the inclusion of all citizens in the digital world, as well as in bringing public administrations closer together and officials to all people to be able to carry out their procedures in a digitized way, always with the internet as a bridge between any culture and the personal and professional development of the companies, institutions and users who use each Guadalinfo resource. 



In addition, from the Guadalinfo de Lentegí Center, despite having few inhabitants, many people are served who visit the Costa Tropical environment. 

Training and awareness workshops are also developed to transform the population socially and digitally and encourage the safe use of new technologies.




We must not forget the firm commitment to persistence with resources and helps all people who need to enter the world of work or who want to grow professionally with the use of ICT.